National cheesecake day! Who knew …


Raspberry ripple cheesecake

Apparently it’s National Cheesecake Day. No doubt this is an American invention but what a great idea. I LOVE cheesecake. What about you?

What cheesecake best represents a law firm business services team and why.

The one above (home-baked, of course) is raspberry ripple baked cheesecake. I have chosen this one because every business services team needs a strong foundation (the biscuit crumb), solid best practices (the traditional vanilla flavoured filling), and something special on top – the raspberry ripple.

What is your suggestion and why?

24 Responses to “National cheesecake day! Who knew …”

  1. Sarah Arrow Says:

    Oh, that’s a tough one Sherry. I think law firms would have a mixed berry topping on their cheesecake. Each berry representing a different field of expertise on top of the strong foundation 🙂

  2. Emma Cossey Says:

    What a clever analogy! Quite hungry now…

  3. Couldn’t stand cheesecake for years but started to like it recently. Not sure how to best represent a law firm with one though.

  4. That’s definitely a tough one considering I don’t like cheesecake and know nothing about law firms. However, I think it would be good to have a super-duper-celebratory cheesecake that everyone can share when the good stuff happens. I’ve just signed a contract for new premises today, I feel there should have been some sort of celebratory cake involved….

    • SherryB Says:

      You don’t like cheesecake? How can that be? But loving your idea of a super-duper cheesecake to share. I’m thinking toffee caramel, with fresh strawberries and raspberries …

  5. Sarah Says:

    Very creative mind…..cheese cake to law firms! Well done. Good to see a bit of humour.

  6. lindascannell Says:

    Great analogy 🙂 As most of the law firms I know cover a whole range of services, I’d say a multi layered cheesecake like the layered mocha cheescake recipe I just found with an Oreo base.

  7. Iain Layden Says:

    Interesting question! I think it would be a cheesecake that one would buy with afternoon tea at the Ritz or Claridge’s.

  8. Kara Says:

    That’s difficult, my dealings with lawyers come from my compensation background. That in mind, I would choose a lemon cheesecake with some underlying nuts.

  9. Better late than never. We think of Caramel Apple Cheescake Bars

    A solid foundation with a hint of the traditional, some glue to bind the numerous departments, it has the ability to be experienced in the comfort of a chair or on the move, it caters for nibblers as well as those that want to take one big mouthful, it is not what you would normally expect from a cheesecake and is progressive by its very nature. Each bar will be individual although there will be a common flavour. It really does take an out of the box view on cheesecake.

  10. Susie Ellis Says:

    Tricky… but the only cheesecake recipe I have that works is a really old Jewish one from a shop in Brooklyn… so maybe that’s the answer ! Traditional stuff breeds confidence

  11. shanmarshall Says:

    I’m a fan of cheesecake. The one that springs to mind is blueberry cheesecake because lawyers are good for you (if you’ve been good!) Tough question but got my brain working!

  12. I think it would have to be an old fashioned plain vanilla one. Solid and reliable which is what I’d like my lawyers to be!

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